On the Monday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Jon Cassidy of Watchdog.org spoke with Chad Hasty about the developing story of admissions favoritism at the University of Texas.

Accusations have arisen that UT President Bill Powers is doing favors for Texas politicians by giving their children preferential treatment in their admissions to the University of Texas. Wallace Hall, a regent for the University, was the initial whistleblower who brought these issues to light. Now, Powers and a number of Texas lawmakers are calling for Hall's impeachment.

Cassidy said that Hall's discovery has certainly made many people angry, and that the few media outlets that have picked up the story have already written him off as a ultra-conservative "deviant." However, he added that technically, Hall has done nothing that would warrant him being impeachment.

"...[Hall] hasn't done anything wrong. He's basically a watch dog himself. Call him an ombudsman, inspector general, whatever you want, but he's just kind of taking his job to report oversight quite seriously. Much more seriously than a regent typically does. And he's just ruffled a lot of feathers and made a lot of enemies in a short time."

Cassidy went on to say this scandal could have a "chilling" effect on state legislators, as no one is willing to admit to participating in this scandal, and very few politicians are willing to back Hall on his accusations. Cassidy added that this outrage would probably not have happened if Governor Rick Perry were not a lame duck candidate, as the regent's position is appointed by the Governor of Texas.

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