As he was leaving a Hollywood club with an entourage of bodyguards and models, Manziel told the media he was looking forward to playing football next year.

TMZ Sports caught "Johnny Football" leaving The Nice Guy club in West Hollywood. He was getting into a limo van with friends and models like Abigail Ratchford when he stopped to answer questions.

They asked him if he'd be playing football next year and he said "of course," then proceeded to give a shout out to his mom, Tyler, Texas and the Texas A&M Aggies.

Now, Manziel didn't say where he would be playing. My guess? Somewhere in Canada, hopefully where it's very, very cold and there's nowhere for him to get into trouble. But it seems with Johnny, trouble always finds him.

Manziel was recently released from the Cleveland Browns after a string of arrests. He also has been in rehab, but still puts himself in bad positions by going out to the clubs.