Friday on The Chad Hasty Show, District 19 Representative Jodey Arrington joined the show to discuss all the latest hot topics from Washington, as well as some of the local stories unfolding on the South Plains.

Arrington and Hasty discussed the farm bill and the importance of broadband rural internet service, welfare reforms, the mid-term elections, as well as the continuing drama surrounding Texas Tech Regents, the veterinary school at TTU, and the suddenly announced retirement of Chancellor Robert L. Duncan.

Hasty asked about Arrington's thoughts on the atmosphere in Washington, D.C. among Republicans about the chances of the GOP keeping control of the House of Representatives, or if he believes, as some outlets are forecasting, Democrats have a 75% chance to take the House back in the mid-term elections.

Arrington began his reply, saying,

It's kind of like CNN was 100% sure that Donald Trump wouldn't be president. So just remember there's a lot of hype out there...We are at exactly the same place we were right before the 2016 election...We're seeing an economy come back like never before, We're seeing an economic renaissance, jobs, unemployment at historic lows, breaking records with minority unemployment, and highest confidence levels with the markets, consumers, businesses, and on and on.

Arrington continued to talk about the trending rise in the Democrat Party of Socialist candidates, or those with socialist agendas, and their attacks on freedom and free enterprise. Arrington said, speaking of some of the Democrat candidates and their campaigns,

Socialism is in vogue...It's ridiculous. There's no substance, there's no agenda. And whatever agenda there is, it looks a whole lot like Mao, or Stalin, or at least Venezuela and Cuba. We've seen it tried in Soviet style planning of the economy. It failed and it fails [miserably when it's tried].

Listen to the entire interview with Representative Jodey Arrington in the video above.

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