On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Jodey Arrington, District 19 candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives joined Chad in the KFYO studio to talk about his bid for the seat being vacated by Randy Neugebauer.

Arrington and Hasty discussed many topics, including agriculture and subsidies, property rights, border security, as well as Second Amendment issues and President Barack Obama's recent executive actions.

Arrington, when asked by Hasty about what he sees as the top three issues that voters are currently concerned about, responded:

"Number one, national security, which includes not only the situation with the rise of Islamic extremism in the Middle East, it's border security, that's number one. I'd say the second, and a close second, is just this explosion in government over the last several years, just oppressive Chad. I mean this, people feel a sense of tyranny, they feel out of control because of the lawless abuses of power coming out of the Oval [Office], the judicial activism, and quite frankly the dysfunctional leadership in Congress. So they don't feel anybody's fighting for them, and more and more, wave upon wave of government, and it's killing the economy and it's crushing the American spirit. That's two. Thirdly, would be this sense of who is fighting for our fundamental freedom and our constitutional rights. Gun control is the latest issue coming out of the king Barack Obama and his edicts, so they just, again, this feeling of desperation and anger that our constitutional rights are being trampled."

Hasty and Arrington discussed the current controversy over President Barack Obama's continuing assaults on the Constitutional Second Amendment rights of citizens.

"The Second Amendment is clear. The Constitution [is] clear. The federal government will not, shall not infringe on our rights to keep and bear arms," said Arrington.

Arrington continued, saying: "I will use every means necessary, every means necessary, to stop the lawless abuse of power by the Executive Office, whether that's Barack Obama, whether that's a Republican or Democrat, by the way."

Listen to the entire interview with Jodey Arrington in the video above.

You may visit Arrington's campaign website here.

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