Texas is home to many treasures and very rich history but one Floydada man found some very interesting archaeological items during his life. Born April 1, 1950 in Floydada Jimmy Owens was an explorer who loved to explore Blanco Canyon in southeast Floydada. While Owens loved to explore it's believed that he made a discovery in 1993 that would change history.


Archaeologists believe that Owens might have discovered the site of a historic hail storm that occurred in 1541 to the Spanish Army. The hailstorm is said to have hit the Spanish explorer Francisco Vazquez de Coronado's army of 2,000. The storm is chronicled as having high winds and hail as big as bowls with thick rain drops and left many tents, helmets, people and horses bruised and battered.


Owens first made his discovery in a ravine where the artifacts he found are said to have been valued by collectors for at least six figures. Owen chose not to hoard his findings but instead wanted to share his discovery with archaeologists so that he could share that rich history with others. Owen did not receive any recognition for his findings until after he passed on March 13, 1998 where the site was officially named after him. Owens does live on in various textbooks and museums after he was rightfully given the credit he deserved and earned, those books featuring Jimmy Owens discovery can be found online.

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