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Jason Johnson, Republican Strategist and owner of J2 Strategies joined The Chad Hasty Show on Wednesday to discuss the impeachment trial, the Iowa Caucuses, and other 2020 Election news.

Johnson told KFYO that Bernie Sanders seems to be leading the Iowa Caucuses right now and that he could win on Monday. According to Johnson, no Democrat since 2000 has won the nomination without winning Iowa. The person to watch on Monday according to Johnson? Joe Biden.

"How far down the pack is Joe Biden?" "It doesn't look like he [Biden] will win the Caucuses next week, it doesn't look like he will win New Hampshire, and the first state it looks like he could win is South Carolina, and while it's soon, it's many a moon from now for a political campaign."

When asked if he thought a Bernie Sanders nomination would be a gift to the Trump campaign, or whether Sanders shouldn't be underestimated, Johnson told KFYO that he believes a Sanders nomination shouldn't be underestimated by anyone.

"I'm in the don't estimate Bernie because he can make some noise."

Johnson told KFYO that there is a real debate in the nation over college tuition and healthcare and Bernie Sanders promising to give it all away for free. Johnson says we are losing the debate with many new voters in the nation.

"We've got to be honest. There's a real debate in this country happening. We've got to step-up on the other side and not just talk about why it's bad because we can't afford it. We need to talk about why it's about because, buddy, ain't nothing is free and it's not just because of the tax dollars being spent it's the control that they are ripping from your hands. And we're not necessarily doing that and we are losing that debate with a whole heck of a lot of new voters, younger voters in this country. And Bernie is out there being Santa Claus and giving it all away. So I will not underestimate Bernie."

Listen to the entire interview with Jason Johnson above.

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