Normally, you wouldn't think of Nancy Reagan and Jane Fonda in the same sentence, but Fonda will be playing Reagan in a new movie. The movie is called, The Butler, which is filming in New Orleans. While you may not think of the two as being anything alike, Fonda sure does resemble Reagan in a photo that was released. According to

Here’s a first look at the unlikely casting but uncanny resemblance of Jane Fonda as former First Lady Nancy Reagan. Alan Rickman plays President Ronald Reagan in The Butler, currently filming in New Orleans. Fonda reportedly appears in just a few scenes. The pic stars Forest Whitaker as White House butler Eugene Allen whose career spanned 34 years there. Director Lee Daniels adapted the screenplay with Danny Strong from a Washington Post article.

I still think many movie goers will be turned off that it's Jane Fonda playing the part of the Former First Lady.