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Listen to the full interview with Rep. James White above.

Texas State Representative James White joined The Chad Hasty Show on Wednesday to discuss his campaign for Texas Agriculture Commissioner. White announced last week that he is officially running for office after spending six terms in the Texas House.

In his campaign announcement, White pointed to his work as a member of the Agriculture and Livestock Committee as one reason for wanting be Agriculture Commissioner. During the interview Wednesday evening on The Chad Hasty Show, White pointed to other work he has done including working to get Constitutional Carry passed out of committee and working to get property tax relief on the special session agenda as examples of his leadership.

White told the audience that leadership is what he wants to bring as Texas Agriculture Commissioner.

Words mean things and people mean what they say. When I read the sunset commission report, it talks about an agency that is well managed. As someone who has served in the United State Military, who has served as a football coach, basketball coach, as classroom teacher, someone who has had the honor to serve in the Texas Legislature.  I know there is a difference between leading and managing. You have to do both.

White also said ethics matter.

When you do these things you always approach it from a collaborative, transparent, ethical, and honest manner. That's what I bring, not just saying you're conservative, but what you've accomplished as a conservative. Being a conservative having to come in in a tough budget cycle in 2011, and cut a budget and at the same time cut taxes but not trying to come up with ways of raising taxes and fees on farmers and ranchers.

During the interview White also discussed his personal history with rural Texas and with cattle operation. White also discussed the threats he sees to Texas Agriculture moving forward.

Listen to the entire interview above.

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