United Supermarkets raised a record amount in September during the 23rd annual Jacky Pierce Charity Classic golf tournament which was held at the Lubbock Country Club.

NiseriN, ThinkStock

United reported $325,000 raised during the event, of which $96,000 has been allocated for the United Way that serves Lubbock. Donations were gifted to 19 different United Way organizations in West Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth area at the company’s charity dinner on Sunday, September 7.

According to the company, during the tournament’s run over $2.2 million have been raised since its inception in 1991.

“The United Family has always emphasized making each community we serve a better place, and we are extremely grateful for all the work United Way does in the Lubbock area,” said Robert Taylor, president of The United Family. “The Jacky Pierce Charity Classic provides an opportunity to support the United Way mission of fostering impactful community change by addressing our most significant local issues.”

The tournament was renamed in 2003 in honor of a past United Supermarkets produce director who helped create the tournament. Jacky Pierce lost his life battling cancer in August of 2002.

“In addition to supporting an incredible cause,” Said Taylor, “Our annual golf tournament is another way for United to remember and honor our friend Jacky Pierce, who touched all of our hearts in many ways.”