J. Cruse opens new store in Lubbock, Texas

The exciting and beautiful J.Cruse Christmas Gallery is now open at their new location at 4815 50th Street in Lubbock.

It's time to fall in love with Christmas all over again as you explore the incredible artistry and design at J. Cruse.

You can walk in to life-size Christmas rooms beyond descriptions and be transported to that place where dreams take shape. Now think about how they can help you recapture it at home.

The employees are passionate about bringing the design to you. Whether they create and set it up for you, or guide you through the creative process.

Designer Joanie Coles has now partnered with Jackie Cruse, the founder and owner. They explained to me that it was Christmas design in collaboration with interior design.

"When a customer comes in and buys something we don't want them to have buyers remorse, so we show you not only how it can incorporate in your home, we help you incorporate it into your home," Cruse said. "So therefore being a lifestyle store, meaning that you can come in here, and hopefully (have) a one-stop shop if you will. You can call, we can pick and select if you want us to, we'll custom wrap it, we'll even deliver it...We give top notch customer service."

J. Cruse is focused on being a lifestyle store and carrying a lot of very special everyday gifts. They have custom gift wrapping, a bath & body line, a fruit jam and cracker line, a dog line and much more.

Their creativity is inspiring, and they're looking forward to eventually expanding with pop-up stores and more. The focus now is Christmas, but they shared that they will be doing more for every season as a year-round go-to store. They have tremendous ideas for weddings, feature events and much more.

So go ahead, get inspired and enjoy. You can learn how to create Christmas artistry in one of their classes. They told me their wreath class will be underway this weekend.

Congratulations to J. Cruse on a fabulous new store. You can visit their official website for all the amazing details.

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