It's been two years since Texas death row inmate Melissa Lucio's execution was halted at the last minute, and now, a judge is recommending that the Court of Criminal Appeals overturn Lucio’s conviction and death sentence.

If you haven't heard the story of the Texas mother who was scheduled to be executed on April 27, 2022; her name is Melissa Lucio and she was convicted of the murder of her 2 year old daughter in 2007.

Melissa Lucio Death Row inmate in Texas
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Lucio was on death row, and was the first Hispanic woman to be sentenced to death, but support from a bipartisan group of lawmakers, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and even some jurors who now say they question the sentence they gave her, have all plead for a review of Lucio's case.

All the support worked because at the last minute, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals issued a stay of Melissa Lucio’s execution, halting her execution indefinitely.

Now, this newest update on Lucio's case has sparked a renewed interest in her case, which is summarized in a Hulu documentary called "The State of Texas vs. Melissa".

The documentary shows how Lucio's case was likely mishandled- no evidence was shown to jurors, and lawmakers believe her confession was coerced. Lucio's children maintain that she wasn't an abusive mother. The documentary also dives into the DA who handled the case against Lucio and what shady business he had.

While Lucio isn't free yet, she's still in prison in Gatesville, this latest development in her case has given the inmate and her family, as well as everyone who has rallied around her, new hope. Lucio will once again get the chance to go back to trial court in Brownsville, where new evidence will be presented by Lucio’s attorneys- hopefully giving her the opportunity to be freed.

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