Recently in the state of Texas, a young eleven year old fifth grade student by the name of Timothy Murray was placed in solitary confinement. Here's what we know so far on what led to the decision.

Details Revealed By The Texas Observer

According to the Texas Observer, Timothy was in contact with a counselor during his fourth grade year at Palm Grove Elementary. The counselor was assisting the young child after he lost his father to blood cancer. Moving into his fifth grade year, he was confused at to why he didn't see his counselor at his school.

To try and figure out where his counselor went, he went to the principal of the school, Myrta Garza, to see if there was a way to talk to them. Murray told the The Texas Observer that Garza didn't give a reason other than "I'm in charge."

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After Murray reportedly pushed further to place a counselor in the school, Garza was alleged to have begun scolding Timothy for various reasons. The Texas Observer mentioned Murray's haircut and the fact he wasn't wearing a uniform. Which, according to the Observer, there isn't a school dress code on the school's website.

Murray even wrote letters to Garza asking about the alleged uniform three times, but never got an explanation. So, on September 3rd, 2023, Murray sent an email to René Gutiérrez, the Brownsville ISD Superintendent , stating his concerns about the unanswered letters in addition to the alleged bullying from Garza.

Then on September 8th, 2023, Murray was pulled out of class for a reason he couldn't understand.

Events To Leading Murray Being Arrested

The Texas Observer reports that Murray was taken out of his music class, and subsequently accused of threatening to kill the principal, with the report coming from another student. While the Observer reported that the mother of Murray received a form that stated her child would serve Out Of School Suspension for three days, he was instead taken to the juvenile detention center.

The police were called by Garza, as reported by the news organization, who handcuffed the young student. Murray spent three days inside solitary confinement. After his removal, he was transferred to another school, where his old counselor worked.

Murray's mother asked their court appointed attorney, at the time of writing, to attempt to have the charge of making a terroristic threat against a public servant dropped. As the details of the case are still under investigation, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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