Safety of students in the state of Texas has always been talking point for many. Recently, a new bill was introduced in the Legislature that puts forth the idea that training for certain events could now include younger students in the Lone Star State.

House Bill 1147 And Its Contents

According to CBS Austin, the bill seeks to make it a requirement that Texas students, at lowest age of eight, to go through instruction on how to handle events, such as school shootings and how to use bleeding stations. According to the representative Barbara Gervin-Hawkins from San Antonio, she has already presented a bill akin to this during another session. That one gives seventh graders the ability to use the previously mentioned bleeding stations.

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One individual, Cleo Petricek, who has a nine year old child and happens to be the co-founder of Save Austin Now, stated she to CBS Austin was in favor of the bill:

“We need to be prepared for mass shootings. They are happening and, in my opinion, frequently in this country...The quicker you respond to a gunshot and stop the bleeding the higher likelihood that you would have to save a life even if it has to be a child that’s trained in this."

However there are others that oppose the bill. A psychologist in San Antonio, Dr. Christopher Hansen, stated the following in regards to the bill:

“If we've gotten to the point where we need third graders to treat traumatic gunshot wounds on other children, we really need to take a step back and look at that."

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