Prince George's County Police Officer Francesco Marlett is in serious trouble after viral videos showed him allegedly cheating on his wife, Paula Marlett, in his police cruiser while on duty.

UPDATE: The police officer has been suspended.


The videos, originally released by a TikTok user near Oxon Hill High School, show Marlett and a woman, Virginia Pinto, kissing and climbing into the back of his cruiser. The incident has spiraled into a social media showdown between his wife and alleged mistress, further complicating the internal investigation by the Prince George's County Police Department.

This is not the first video involving Marlett and Pinto, as another video has surfaced showing a similar episode.

These viral clips are merely the latest scandals in Marlett's troubled history with the force, including a prior suspension for child abuse in 2016 and another suspension for domestic violence in May 2023.

Paula Marlett, who has three young children with the officer, took to Facebook, venting her frustration and confirming her prior knowledge of her husband's alleged affairs. "Virginias husband left her a long time ago because she cheated, so she and my husband decided to do this behind my back for years," Paula wrote. She added that her marriage was already troubled but insisted, "We get through everything at the end of the day."

Virginia Pinto has not denied her involvement but has claimed that Paula is not telling the "whole story." In a post, she responded, "Don't be mad at me because your husband wants me," further claiming that Paula herself has been unfaithful.

Marlett has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation by the Prince George's County Police Department. The department has yet to release any official statements concerning the scope or timeline of the investigation. Marlett has not commented publicly on the issue.

The internet has exploded with reactions to the complicated love triangle, with many questioning the ethics of a public servant misusing resources and time. Regardless of the outcome of the internal investigation, Marlett's career and reputation may face irreparable damage, even as his personal life continues to unravel in the public eye.

This incident serves as yet another controversial episode in Marlett's career, and the latest updates can be found at

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