Lubbock's very own has done it again. His love for Dairy Queen is being shared with Texans with his own meal!

Idalou’s pride and joy Josh Abbott dropped a collab with Dairy Queen. The country singer pulled together a package based on his favorite childhood meal: a four-piece steak finger country basket (an item available only in Texas which comes with fries, Texas toast, and cream gravy), an iced tea, and a mini M&Ms milk chocolate Blizzard.

"DQ is just a big part of our lives there in Idalou. So me and my music so closely associated with the culture of Texas I feel like DQ is interwoven with that," Abbott says.

There’s nothing fancy or weird happening here, it's just Abott sharing his love with the state. Hopefully you already know about the magic of skimming hot, salty french fries into chocolate ice cream.

Abbott and DQ go way back at this point. Back in June 2022, we told you he recorded a new take on the fast food brand’s jingle.

"DQ -- that's what I like about Texas."

The new jingle was released on June 13th, 2022. It has Abbott's voice, a banjo and fiddle and it's totally Texas-fied.

He name-dropped the beloved Texas chain in "I'll Sing About Mine," a song off his 2012 album, Small Town Family Dream. The lyrics go: "When you talk about the Dairy Queen pickup trucks and Springsteen make the place I love."

Josh Abbott, we hope some things never change. We'll meet ya up in Idalou anytime for some steak fingers and talk about the good ol' times.

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