One of the big stories involving food is the closing of a bunch of different chain restaurants. One of those is now Chili's.

They have already seen some locations close down in Missouri and there were fears of some closing inOklahoma too but what about its home state of Texas? Are they closing stores in Texas?

Some Locations Have Closed

Just earlier this year, one location in Port Arthur, Texas, just 80 miles from Houston, closed its doors on April 9th much to the dismay of people in the area. The Chili's was located at 8665 Memorial Blvd.

However, this is not the only time this has happened, just the most recent one. Texas Chili's have closed several locations before; like in North Texas, Hickory Creek, and in Abilene. Those are all years ago; so far we have seen only one location close in 2024 that we have heard of.

Here Are Some Good News

According to Chili's website, there are locations in over 100 Texas cities still open for business. As someone who lives close to one, I can definitely attest to this: they are still open and very busy, especially during the weekends.

Then in Austin the mayor named April 5th Chili's at 45th and Lamar Day. So in Austin, Texas it seems like Chili's are thriving. Why did this happen?

The restaurant’s reputation as a meme and now, a bona fide local celebrity, began on Reddit — though Redditors themselves can’t seem to remember when or in which thread it specifically it began, its birthplace is generally agreed to be in the r/Austin subreddit. A lot of people answering this restaurant to the question, “What’s your favorite hidden treasure/hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Austin?”

As of right now, there hasn't been any announcement of other Texas locations closing so hopefully it will stay that way!

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