Here's what happens when you drive a Dodge Ram in Texas

Okay, not really. But there's too many opportunities to take a jab at Ram owners here to pass up.

But to get down to business, there's some insane footage of a man who slams his Dodge Ram into a gas pump in the city of Van, Texas.

The footage, which was given to KETK news out of Tyler, Texas courtesy of Gateway of Van is a fiery mess.

Don't worry, the driver survived.

In the surveillance footage (keep scrolling to see the full clip below), you can see the white Dodge Ram come off FM 314 and careen directly into one of the gas pumps.


Gateway of Van via KETK
Gateway of Van via KETK

But that's not all...

The driver shifts the truck into reverse and begins to flee the scene.

But there's a small problem...

Gateway of Van via KETK
Gateway of Van via KETK

The pure force of the truck's impact with the gas pump has sparked a fire.

As the truck reverses, a trail of fire is left in its wake (along with the gas pump itself, yikes)

According to KETK News, the Van police department teamed up with the Van Zandt County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office to hunt down the driver responsible for the fiery mess.

Van Police Department
Van Police Department

They were led to an address in northeast Smith County where they arrested a suspect, later identified as Trevion Bowie.

Bowie was booked into Van Zandt county jail on a charge of criminal mischief.

Here's the video


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