The year 2024 is a leap year which means there is one extra day of February but also that means if you are a leapling then finally it's your time. What is a leapling? Well a leapling is a person that was born on leap day, February 29, no matter what year they are born.

Hop To It

Now for those that are born on leap years it's very much a struggle to celebrate your birthday because you either celebrate it on February 28 or March 1 three years out of the four. Those people that are born February 29th are known as leaplings because it's a leap day when they are born. Some hospitals will even go as far as to give frog themed items to newborn leaplings, since it's in the name.

Never Grow Up

So if you are born on a leap day then you technically never grow up, in terms of birthdays. That's because by the time you celebrate your actual 18th birthday you will have already been alive for 72 years. All the wisdom to show for how long you have been alive but still not allowed to buy cigarettes or drink alcohol. The government does actually recognize leap year birthdays so in their eyes if you were born February 29 they see your birthday as March 1.

While this can make getting older a lot more fun because you will essentially be a kid forever, in age, it also has had some people wondering why we don't get rid of the day. If we did get rid of leap year what would happen to all those leaplings? Should we instead make February 29 a regular day? Let us know!

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