Thanksgiving has come and gone which means you might still have plenty of leftovers. The big question some people face is if they want to eat all that yummy food for the next week and get bored or maybe transform them.

Like the Show

The very obvious choice for transforming those leftovers is very obvious and that's because of popular media in the early 2000's. The show 'FRIENDS' had an episode where someone took a Thanksgiving sandwich of one of the main group and this caused chaos. The sandwich was filled with leftovers from Thanksgiving and is the epitome of how to change up those leftovers. Pile them all into a sandwich like on 'FRIENDS'!

Not Yours

This one is new to me and sounds delicious because you turn the leftovers into nachos. You need the chips that are scoops so you can place all those leftovers inside and then shove them into the oven where they can reheat. Thanksgiving leftover nachos is one of the better ways to spice up your next meal.


With the holidays you will want to be just lazy and nothing is easier than pie. That's right, you can turn your leftovers into pie! You can do a pot pie or shepherd's pie which sound amazing especially considering what ingredients you will most likely have. It's also a great way to cook everything all at one but remember to save me a piece of the pie.

And in the morning...

This one involves turning the stuffing into the star of the show by making them into waffles in a waffle maker. Once make those waffles you add turkey and all the fixings on top so you can enjoy an easy meal that holds every dollop of gravy because they're waffles. Everyone knows waffles are superior to pancakes anyways.

Do you reuse your leftovers like this or do you do something entirely different? Let us know so we can try it and decide for ourselves.

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