We are all familiar with the ‘Red Flag’ trend that was going around TikTok a while back. It was just what you would expect, something that sets off an alarm in your head and lets you know maybe that person isn’t someone you want to hang around with.

Well, there is a newer trend that focuses on ‘Beige Flags’. These are things that might be a little off-putting about someone, but they aren’t a complete deal breaker.

What you consider to be a beige flag differs drastically from person to person, but they all give the same feeling. They make you ask yourself “why?”, but are also easy to laugh off and accept as a quirky part of that person.

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Allee Teague, a Texas Tech cheerleader, has been posting a series of videos where she asks her teammates a ‘question of the day’. Her most recent video in this series now has over 250k views and is asking the question: “What is your beige flag?”

Her teammates give all sorts of great answers from putting ice in milk, a Raisin Bran obsession, purposefully wearing socks inside out, not wearing soles in shoes, and more.

Check out the full video here:

I asked some of my coworkers for their beige flags and the answers I got included: never getting ice in their drinks, smelling every cup before they use it, not knocking before entering a room, baby talking, and always canceling plans..

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