What the heck is regenerative meat? Is the 3-D printed meat?  Have I eaten it before? Well, it turns out it is an eco-friendly meat...ok, I still don't understand.

Even though I have no clue, apparently Regenerative meat is product of regenerative farming.  Ok, I'm even more confused.  But that is ok.  That is because Austin based burger bar, Hopdoddy, is bringing regenerative meat to the fore front.  In fact, they are using this new form of meat to replace plant based burgers on their menu.

Ok, let's start with the basics.  On the Hopdoddy website, they broke down regenerative agriculture...

"Regenerative agriculture is a method of farming and animal-raising that works in partnership with nature to make great tasting, nutrient-rich food while also healing the planet. By combining agroecology and agrotechnology, regenerative agriculture approaches land management in collaboration with nature. Through focus on building soil and healing ecosystems, land stewards are increasing resilience, boosting yields, capturing carbon, increasing nutrient density, and returning hope to rural economies. With planned grazing methods, grassfed beef and bison are credited for sequestering atmospheric carbon, improving soil health – and restoring native grasslands on the beautiful planes of North America."

Could this be the future of burgers? The future of meat? The future of farming? After some research of regenerative farms in Lubbock, I did find out Alcove Farms proclaims on their website...

"In a region where cotton is king, Alcove Farms is farming differently. Our farm is the first to adopt regenerative farming practices within the city limits of Lubbock, Texas - producing fresh eggs and hormone-free chicken while also restoring the land to what nature intended."

So, there you go.  While there is no Hopdoddy in Lubbock - could they be setting a new standard for burgers?  In case you are in Austin or their other Texas locations here are the new burgers on the menu they are offering...

· The Mother Nature - Force of Nature 100% grass-fed regenerative raised beef patty, Vital Farms pasture raised egg, Raw Farm cheddar cheese Frico, Brother's Bond Bourbon onion jam, crispy shallots & au poivre. aioli.

· The Roosevelt Burger - Force of Nature 100% grass-fed regenerative Bison with Goat Cheese and Fig Jam.

· The Nashville Hot Sandwich - Hand-breaded Cooks Venture Regenerative Raised Chicken Fried Crispy, dusted with Nashville hot spices and topped with kale cabbage slaw, avocado mayo, Alabama comeback sauce & pickles.

· The Buffalo Bill - Force of Nature regenerative bison patty topped with blue cheese, steakhouse bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, buffalo sauce & Doddy Mayo.

· The Regenerative Royale - A play on a classic double quarter pounder with cheese, made Hopdoddy style. Made with Force of Nature 100% grass-fed regenerative raised beef.


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