Nothing is more iconic on a hot Texas day than a deliciously cold and refreshing snow cone or shaved ice.

They are perfectly chilly, oh so sweet, and really hit the spot after a day in the sun. Whether you spent time in the water with friends or are looking to treat yourself after some intense yardwork, it is a fantastic goodie.

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Thankfully, Lubbock has a variety of great options for snow cones and shaved ice. From bigger businesses with multiple locations, to small hole-in-the-wall mom and pop shops, there is something for any and every taste.

You can get smooth shaved ice at Bahama Buck’s with a crazy variety of flavor options, or you can get classic crunchy snow cones with a Mexican twist of fresh fruit, chamoy, and more and Gonzales Snowcones.

Those two options and more are listed below, so keep on scrolling to learn more.

Places to Get Snow Cones in Lubbock

Here are some places you can get snow cones and shaved ice in Lubbock.

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Happy's Shaved Ice is a Lubbock spot that serves more than just shaved ice. They also have boba drinks and lemonade along with their yummy shaved ice. You can find them at a few different spots including 11804 Indiana Ave, or 1708 50th St. Gonzales Snowcones serves up a variety of great snow cone options as well as ice cream, fresh fruit, and sweet and sour flavors. They are located at 2801 Clovis Rd. We have to include the well-known and loved shaved ice chain, Bahama Buck's. They have a huge menu with a variety of flavors, toppings, and more. They also have a variety of other drinks and cold treats available. They have multiple locations around town including 5009 50th St, 7718 Milwaukee Ave, 2515 82nd St, and 5818 4th St.

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