One of the few areas I think Lubbock is unfortunately lacking in, is a good variety of public swimming options.

Yes, we have the TTU pool, YWCA, and a couple other options, but these places are always packed during the summer months. Sometimes you want a more private option for you and your friends.

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Most homes are built with pools in Lubbock, so that is not a very common option, so you are left with hoping you know someone that has a pool, or simply going without. At least that was the case until the website Swimply.

Swimply is a pool rental business that allows you to list and rent pools and backyards by the hour.

There are currently four pools available to rent in Lubbock, and they range between $12 to $40 an hour. Three are in-ground, one is above ground, and they range between allowing 10 to 50 guests.

They each have different amenities including a fire pit, grill, diving board, lounge chairs, and more. They are also located all around the city from North Lubbock near New Deal to South and west Lubbock. Given another few months or couple years, I could see there being many more options added alongside these ones.

Whether you are looking for a place to host a family get-together, a relaxing day by the pool, or any other reason, this is a great option.

Keep scrolling to see the current Swimply options in Lubbock.

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