It's cold outside and the air smells like cinnamon and pine needles which means the holidays are officially here. Another way you can tell the holidays are here is by another smell in the air and that's the smell of some tasty tamales. This year we asked all of our wonderful listeners and followers on social media to comment with their favorite tamales in Lubbock. We also wanted to include tamale people in our 2023 Hub City Tamale Trail article to show them all some love this holiday season.

So for those who don't know what tamales are they are pieces of heaven, but really they are masa (dough) placed on a corn husk and filled some type of meat, cheese, or veggies. They also come in dessert form. They are then placed in a steamer and allowed to cook into a firm delicious food that almost no one can resist during the holidays. With our 2023 Hub City Tamale Trail we wanted to talk about local businesses that sell tamales but we also wanted to showcase local tamale ladies and men that sell tamales. Usually you can arrange a drop off to your home, a meet up at a local business, or you can drop by their home. It is urged to take precautions when buying tamales and it's my suggestion to meet in a public place.

We went to Facebook and Topher Covarrubio let us know that Chris Prieto sells tamales around Lubbock on Saturdays during the holidays and we will be able to try those delicious tamales. Prieto does sell several kinds of tamales which do include birria, rajas, brisket, and even spicy pork with hot cheetos just to name a few. Listener and follower Rachel Montalvo suggested Kristina Rendon, owner of Guaddy's Tamales and More in Lubbock, who makes jalapeno popper tamales. Who even came up with that because that's genius!

Marisa Duque let us know that owner of the Torres Misc., Maria Torres, has "the best homemade tamales ever!". Torres is also taking orders and she can be contacted via Facebook or in person at her store. While we are at it Darin Bustillos mention Josie's Tamales which look like they have some amazing flavorful masa from the photos.

Some people do love to live dangerously like Cambria Ortega who says "the best tamales are cash only transactions that are done in a dark parking lot late at night feeling almost like a drug deal". Tamales are addicting though so if they did become outlawed this would probably the regular way to get that tamale fix. We appreciate everyone who commented on our post and let us know more about the community of Lubbock, especially when it comes to tamales. We are still accepting comments on our tamale post until January 6, that's when the holidays are officially over. Find out what other places in Lubbock have tamales below.

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