With the recent excitement about the escape of Texas prisoner Robert Yancy, Jr and the salacious details of his mother aiding and abetting--it's easy enough to wonder just how often these prison breaks happen.

The answer isn't exactly as simple or easy to come by, surprisingly enough.

Texas Doesn't Really Like Talking About Escaped Inmates

At the time of this writing, I am unaware of any central database available to the public that can give insight as to the data around inmates who abscond from confinement. And to complicate things, I found that each facility has its own unique way of record-keeping and do not necessarily communicate with each other about things like escapes by inmates.

As a result, I've manually cobbled together a list of federal inmates who have managed to pull a Houdini act from behind bars within the past few years.

A List of Federal Inmates Who Successfully Escaped (For Now)

The good news is that there's not many escapees who can successfully pull off their Great Escape. The not-so-good news is that an overwhelming majority of these escapes seem to happen at a facility's satellite camp.

These are minimum-security facilities that house low-risk offenders in an environment that typically lacks perimeters. While these camps have been shown to work, I can't help but cast a skeptical eye.

With the shortage of federal employees, there is no way these camps are adequately supervised--and the list of escaped inmates below may just be proof of that.

The following list is far from comprehensive, but it's sure as heck accurate. I know, I checked each name through a search on the BOP's handy inmate locator.

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