Hard work and dedication are about to be on display in Lubbock soon as many chiseled bodies will soon be making their way to center stage. Natural Fit Federation will be in Lubbock for the NFF Hub City Classic where many will be showing off their bodies in hopes of being the best.

Meet the Owners

Owners of the Natural Fit Federation are Todd Tanner, Larry Shaw, and Chrissie Shaw who have been owners since 2019. Larry and Chrissie Shaw spoke with us in an interview and state they were actually competitors first and have been in bodybuilding since 2013. This is the third annual Hub City Classic but Larry also has a special connection to Lubbock since he himself attended and graduated from Texas Tech University. The Shaws took over the leadership position when it became available so that they could help others and people with what they're passionate about.

What Is It?

The Hub City Classic is a show where men and women will compete in different divisions in an attempt to prove their body is the best. There will be 3 divisions for men and 5 for women to compete in but that's just one of many things that sets this show apart from other bodybuilding shows. This show is different as the winners and random athletes competing will be drug tested since the Natural Fit Federation does require all members to be drug free for at least 7 years. A more complete list and understanding of those drug test rules can be on the Natural Fit Federation website. This means that most athletes will not be anywhere as big, muscle wise, as most people think they are.

Work and Work

A big show like the Hub City Classic takes a lot of people to make a reality but Larry does state that planning a bodybuilding show is a lot like planning a wedding. That's because of all the preparation such as finding a venue, promotions, tickets, and lots of workshops. Shows like the Hub City Classic are geared towards people who are barely starting their fitness journeys as a form of boosting their confidence with 40% of participants being first timers. Professionals are welcome to compete in the competition as well.

Getting Started

Getting ready for this kind of competition is not easy but some advice Larry gives is to get a coach to reduce a lot of the stress that comes with preparing for a bodybuilding competition. Also he makes sure that 8-weeks out is when they communicate with participants to try to ensure they stick to competing because it can be a bit nerve wracking. While those physiques can seem angelic while they figure out their next pose Chrissie had some wise words to pass along. Chrissie states that they're everyday people and don't just eat chicken and broccoli but like many others at one point had just started their fitness challenge and journey to better health.

The Hub City Classic will be on Saturday, March 2, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center in collaboration with Gainiac Nutrition and Infinity Training & Wellness. Tickets can be purchased online at Select-a-Seat and more information can be found on social media.

Chrissie and Larry do advise anyone that if they find a bodybuilder, or buff orange oompa loompas, in Lubbock to beware (not really) because they are hungry and thirsty so be cautious and try not to look like a pizza. We will be at the Hub City Classic to speak with a few of the athletes to see what it takes to be doing this type of competition.

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