With severe cold weather on the way later this week, many Texans are worried about a potential power outage like in February 2021.

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While you might’ve already thought of every way to keep you and your family warm in a winter emergency, what about your furry, feather, or scaley friends? If you have pets, it is extremely important  to keep them in mind when preparing for any emergencies.

Other than the basics of making sure they have enough food and water, what else can you do to keep them safe? Here are some important things to consider:

Keep Them Warm

It is suggested during a winter power outage to condense your living space to one room in your home. Be sure there is enough space for your animal, their enclosure/crate, and  insulated the room. Another way to keep your pet warm is by wrapping a banked around their crate/enclosure in order to lock in heat. If you have a cold blooded animal that needs a source of heat, keep hand warmers or battery powered heaters on hand to keep them warm. It is also good to have jackets, booties, or other clothing for your pet if they are able to wear it.

Keep Them Occupied

Sitting around for a long time isn’t always an option for some pets. This is why it is important to make sure they have plenty of toys and other goodies to keep themselves occupied and happy.

Extra Bedding

Not only do extra blankets/towels provide a comfortable space for you pet, it can also provide extra warmth. So, add extra blankets inside and outside their crate to keep them cozy and toasty warm.

Hopefully these are tips you will never have to use, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Keep yourself and your pets safe this winter, because things might get even crazier as the months go by.

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