Recently KFC added a new menu item that seems to be a little strange but has been around since 2015 in other countries and has been well received.

Foodies Dream

If you love trying new foods then this one is for you foodies that cannot resist fast food from other countries. KFC has released their Chizza in the United States but has existed in the Philippines since 2015. The Chizza is two fried boneless chicken breasts topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni's to make a chicken pizza, or Chizza.


This food item has been met with some concerns but overall it has had more people curious to try the strange dish. I of course decided I would go and try this item so for those afraid to even look at it won't have to. I did order the half Chizza, which is one chicken breast instead of two, just because I was alone and didn't need all 800 calories from the full size. My Chizza was room temperature and the sauce was good, the cheese was amazing, and the pepperoni's were hot. This is for sure a messy food item so if you work somewhere fancy or have an important event then stay clear because you will get some sauce on you.

Mikael Donnovan, Townsquare Media
Mikael Donnovan, Townsquare Media

Yes or No?

If you are wondering if I would try this item again the answer is no especially because the full Chizza is $10 and the half is $6. I am not opposed to making it for myself at home since it's basically a very crunchy chicken parmesan with pepperoni's so it's easy to make at home and can be guaranteed hot. Also if you eat this make sure you eat a salad with it and go for a walk because it's a very heavy meal by itself. Would you try the new Chizza or will you pass on this Philippine favorite fast food?

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