It's that special time of year when the leaves are falling and students are going back to school. Everyone knows Lubbock for Texas Tech University but as a Lubbock Christian Alumni I have some words of wisdom to give to the incoming LCU freshmen.

Make Friends, It's Easy!

This is the time where you can make a ton of new friends and it's easy because you all one thing in common, you are all freshmen! It really is that easy as going up to someone and saying hi at Lubbock Christian University, even though it might be out of your comfort zone. It's also as easy as finding someone with their door wide open and inviting them over for video games or board games. You might meet your lifelong friends this way.

Do Not Be Afraid

Moving onto campus can be scary and it's ok because you are now an adult in the real world and crying is ok. Yes, I did cry moving into Johnson Hall that first year. You are a college kid now and shouldn't be afraid to try new things like tennis, talking to the opposite sex, or even walking around campus barefoot (they keep campus that clean that it's possible). Just remember to not do anything too foolish because there's new fun experiences and just plain dumb decisions, be an adult about because you know the difference.

Food and Curfew

I'm not sure if they still have a curfew but freshmen were required to be in the dorms by 2 a.m. which means late night food runs, or as we called it Fourth Meal. Choose your fourth meal wisely because this can be the difference between a great morning or explosive one, no seriously don't eat lasagna before bed. Be sure to be back in your dorm before curfew with your prize of fourth meal because that just makes it so much better. Also boys don't forget to open the door for all your new female classmates when you drop her off back at the dorm, chivalry never goes out of style.

The Important Stuff

Don't forget to study and if you can avoid having an early morning just don't do it, you will thank me. Don't forget to wash your clothes on the regular and take as many showers as possible because hygiene is key, plus no one wants to smell you during chapel. Take advantage of all the campus events that have free shirts, free shirts and treats are the best. Be on time to everything and don't forget to call your parents first because they do miss you even if you are all grown up now.

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