Readers rejoice! I come to you with my books about Lubbock list! These are my personal selections so don't get mad if  yours is not on the list. The Hub City has a great, rich history and these books have captured that...


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"The Centennial History of Lubbock Hub City of the Plains" by Paul H. Carlson: From 2008, this hardcover captures the essence of early Lubbock. It's described on Amazon to include early pictures of "Includes early settlers, schools, businesses, South Plains Army Air Field, and buildings."


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"The History of Lubbock Series" by Lawrence L. Graves: Dating back to 1959, with his first "History of Lubbock, Part One," Author/Editor Graves followed up his comprehensive history on the Hub City with "Lubbock: From Town to City" in 1986. Part 2 and 3 of the History of Lubbock were published in 2012.



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"An Ancient Watering Hole: The Lubbock Lake Landmark Story" by Eileen Johnson and Patricia Martin: Published in 1990, this book was made as an educational tool. It's Amazon details are pretty comprehensive: "Lubbock Lake National and State Archeological Landmark is a 300-acre preserve on the northern outskirts of Lubbock, Texas. It is one of the largest known hunter-gatherer sites in North America, and evidence there points to its use as a hunting and camping ground from as long as 11,500 years ago. In text and pictures this book tells what scientists have learned from this "ancient watering hole."


"Lubbock (Postcard History)" by Russell Hill: This unique look at Lubbock history was released in 2011. Lubbock Author Russell Hill has lived in the Hub City since 1970. He graduated of Texas Tech and is a collector of postcards showing the development of Lubbock and Texas Tech. According to Amazon, "The images in this book offer the reader a rare glimpse into history."






"Haunted Lubbock" by Darrell Maloney: Released in 2013, fiction author Darrell Maloney ventured into the non-fiction realm with his book about the Hub City's ghost stories. He asked residents here in Lubbock their personal ghost stories. And, according to the Amazon description, "The author expected a handful of responses. Instead, he got dozens. It turns out there are a lot of Lubbockites who have had eerie encounters with ghostly spirits, or of things they do not understand and which seemingly cannot be explained. These are their stories"


So there you go! Now get to reading!

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