Don’t you just love a good old-fashioned beatdown? 

These days, you can always count on someone breaking out their phone and taking a video when a fight breaks out. Sure, intervening or getting help would be the best thing to do. But we’re all trying to get views in 2024. 

It seems like every time I log onto X (or Twitter for those who refuse to come around to the name change), I come across a video of a wild brawl that broke out in the streets in one of our biggest cities here in Texas.

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But a laundromat? That’s a first. 

Not that it was really all that wild of a brawl. But still, I have never, ever seen a fight break out in a laundromat, so I figured I had to share this one. 

As is usually the case with these types of videos, I have no earthly idea what led to black hoodie guy manhandling Longhorn guy and I’m not even sure where to begin to speculate. Maybe Longhorn guy beat black hoodie guy to the last available dryer. We may never know. 

But I do know that I got a good laugh out of it.

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