I always thought of the farmers market as being among the most chill places on the planet. 

You know, the kind of place where people go to share stories about past crops and try and one-up each other’s craftsmanship. Plus, I always figured the vast majority of people who frequent the farmers market are total stoners. That’s usually a recipe for a relaxing day.

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However, that wasn’t the case at the Dallas Farmers Market recently. 

Instead, a couple of gents engaged in some good old-fashioned fisticuffs. And while it was an admittedly brief brawl, the fight was entertaining, nonetheless. And this is coming from someone who comments on fight videos quite often. 

As is usually the case with the fight videos I come across online, I have no earthly idea what led to the brawl. So, allow me to speculate. 

Maybe the guy in the hat was angry at the other guy for undercutting his price on tomatoes. I know that would tick me off big time. 

Or maybe the guy in the white t-shirt bought some fruit from the other guy, felt that he was shorted a few peaches and decided to take it out of his ass. Who knows? 

But one thing I do know is that people really need to chill out. When street fights have spilled over to the farmers market, hostilities are truly out of control.

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