Is this list for real?

The folks over at the TikTok page USAmap55 have posted a three-part series of videos outlining the top ten most dangerous cities in Texas and we have questions.

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We have all three videos embedded at the bottom of this video, so scroll down if you want to skip over all my jibber jabber.


Lufkin? Seriously

Dallas is at number nine, which is no surprise. Any major metropolitan area is going to have its share of crime. But right after Dallas at number 10 is Lufkin, Texas. The comments section of the video is full of people from Lufkin coming to its defense.


There are only seventeen thousand people in Alice.  I get it, the videos are basing the crime statistics on the percentage of people living in the area, but that doesn't cut it for me. If only two people are living in a town, and one of those people is committing property crimes, then the rate is fifty percent.  Does that necessarily mean it's a dangerous place to live? No. You know it's Brad doing the crime, just lock up Brad and we're all good.

I could go on about this very flawed method they've concocted to determine danger, but you can watch the videos for yourself and have a good laugh.

Check out the videos below


@usamap55 The Most Dangerous Cities In Texas - Part 1 #texas#usa#cities#mostdangerous#viraltiktok#trendingtiktok#foryou#fyp ♬ original sound - True Stories

@usamap55 The Most Dangerous Cities In Texas - Part 2 #texas#usa#cities#mostdangerous#viraltiktok#trendingtiktok#foryou#fyp ♬ original sound - True Stories

@usamap55 The Most Dangerous Cities In Texas - Part 3 #texas#usa#cities#mostdangerous#viraltiktok#trendingtiktok#foryou#fyp ♬ original sound - True Stories

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