Sitting on a fat wallet all day everyday can have more consequences than you know. It hurts your posture and causes uneven pressure on your spine.

I switched my wallet to a minimalist, front-pocket wallet years ago and never looked back.


A Slimmer Wallet Can Help Texans In Two Ways

Imagine taking those long Texas car rides an inch or two higher on one side than the other for years. It eventually takes a toll.

According to Wirecutter people who want to carry a wallet in their pants should opt for something slimmer.

TSM Lufkin
TSM Lufkin

Thieves Love A Big Fat Wallet Full Of Credit Cards 

The more things you carry in a wallet the more things that can be taken from you. We have all heard that criminals can just walk by you and get your credit card information.

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Think about your everyday life and everything that you purchase and do. Then think about everything in your wallet.

If there are things in there that you only use occasionally you might want to consider leaving them at home. It's not as convenient to remember which cards to take every day when you leave, but it might save you from fraud.

Identity Theft Is Trending Down, Credit Card Theft Is Up

According to The Ascent, there were over a million reports of identity theft in 2022 and 805,000 in 2023. Trends show that things are getting safer out there, but almost half of the fraud relates to credit cards.

Leave those unused credit cards at home along with the following items to keep your identity and your credit safe.

Experts Warn You to NOT CARRY These 7 Items in Your Wallet

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

12 Signs That You Could Be a Victim of Identity Theft

Identity theft can happen so quickly, and potentially take so long to resolve. Keep an eye out for these 12 warning signs and maybe you can limit the damage done to your credit and your life.

Gallery Credit: Cindy Campbell

10 'Secret Spots' Burglars Check First When Invading Texas Homes

Some people have hiding places where they stash the stuff they want to keep safe from burglars who may invade their Texas homes.
But are they actually safe?

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