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  • Texans Enjoy Permitless Carry
  • 2021 Law
  • Gun Owners Still Getting Licenses

It's only been two years since Texas passed the permitless carry law in 2021. According to the Texas Tribune, some 200K handgun owners still got a license to carry (LTC) in 2022.

There are a lot of good reasons to still get that license. There are 33 states that might not have permitless carry, but do recognize our handgun license. You can carry your gun in those other states, just like you would here.

That is just one reason that you might still want to get an LTC in Texas. The other reason is the classroom and hands-on instruction that could help you to be most effective with your weapon.

Permitless Carry or Constitutional Carry Doesn't Apply To Everyone In Texas 

Just like with any rule, there are a ton of exceptions when it comes to permitless carry. Here are some ways you could still be arrested if you carry in Texas.

  • Must be 21 or over
  • 18 or over with an LTC
  • No prior felony convictions
  • No convictions for class A misdemeanor assault with family violence
  • Have to wait 5 years after release from custody or probation

5 years after being released for a felony, you can purchase a gun if you don't reoffend. That gun can only be used to defend your home. You can't go to the firing range or use it for hunting.

There are a lot of places you still can't carry even if these don't apply to you like schools, bars, airports, and government buildings. You really have to do your research before going around with your weapon in Texas, even if you have an LTC.

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