One of my goals for this year was to take as many road trips as possible. So far, so good. I've got a list of places I want to go check out, and we've knocked several off the list. Today I just added another one.

This Texas State Park has an incredible swimming hole that makes it perfect for a road trip.

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Balmorhea State Park - The Desert Oasis

The Balmorhea State Park is partially unique because it's located out in the hot-as-blazes west Texas desert. While we've got plenty of parks in the desert, not all of them are an oasis.

By oasis, I mean has the San Solomon Springs.

Bruce Kaase via YouTube
Bruce Kaase via YouTube

The springs in the area are crystal clear, and feed a nice big crystal clear swimming hole. The waters here are so nice that people scuba and snorkel.

Yes. People are scuba diving in the west Texas desert.

The Springs Bring Life To The Harsh Desert

The springs have been sustaining all kinds of plant and animal life forever. Humans caught wind of this and decided to set up shop. Fast forward several generations and you have a unique, very nice state park.

The springs also help with irrigation for nearby agriculture, and there's even a reconstructed marsh.

The most unique part of the swimming hole is that you basically get to swim with fish and turtles. Imagine going on vacation to some super nice beach in Mexico. It's like that, without the going to Mexico part.

This Hot Weather Has Me Thinking Road Trip

Sure, there are plenty of pools and lakes nearby. Yes, I could just turn on some cold water in the shower and jump in to cool off. I don't have to drive several hours just to take a dip.

None of those things, though, offer the crystal clear waters that the Balmorhea State Park offers.

If you want more info, you can follow this link to the state park's website. Heads up, you'll want to make a reservation before you go. They do cap the number of people that can go in.

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