Scattered across the Lone Star landscape, there are abandoned places, ghost towns, and towns filled with ghosts. We're got legends galore; from ghost herds hanging out around mesas, to hotels filled with all kinds of things that go bump in the night.

Here are 4 of the scariest, and most haunted, small towns in Texas.

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1. Pampa, Texas

A&E via YouTube
A&E via YouTube

Pampa, Texas is a small town in the Texas panhandle that its fair share of spooky legends and supposedly haunted places. There's a ton of content on the internet covering several locations in this rural town.

The most infamous of which is probably the Worley Hospital. Multiple investigations, fueled by the legends that swirl around the place, have led to plenty of creepy fodder on the web.

There are stories of ghostly apparitions, noises caused by "nothing," disembodied name it. It isn't hard to imagine that a hospital of all places would be haunted. There's a lot that happens in a hospital that usually kicks off a ghost story.

YouTube is home to several videos regarding the Worley Hospital, and several other locations in Pampa, Texas. Ghost Hunters even went and paid the hospital a visit.

2. Old Town Spring, Spring, Texas


Old Town Spring is a district in Spring, Texas that's supposedly part of the original settlement. The thing about Old Town Spring is that several of the buildings that make up this quaint little spot...are haunted. In fact, it's supposedly the 6th most haunted old west town in the US.

There are "ghost tours" you can take that will lead you to some of the most haunted spots. Supposedly, that includes a prohibition-era saloon, a cemetery, and an abandoned post office.

To be honest, the place looks creepy enough during the day. I don't know that I need it to be dark before the place gives me the creeps.

There are legends of people who went missing, cold cases, and of course there is plenty of ghost stories.

3. Marfa, Texas


Marfa, Texas is one of those places that is most famous for the terrifying legends that surround it. Everyone has heard of the "Marfa Lights."

I'm from Oklahoma, and I've heard of the "Marfa Lights."

There are all kinds of crazy legends surrounding the lights. The unexplained phenomena of strange lights appearing in the night sky above Marfa, Texas has led to rumors and rumblings of everything from salty spirits to UFOs.

Considering recent headlines in the news, I'd lean more toward UFOs. That's just me, though.

4. Jefferson, Texas - The "Most Haunted Town In Texas"


Jefferson, Texas is a town with a brutal history. Murder, hate, and racism all play a role in the small town's dark history. It's this dark history that has led to the stories of hauntings.

There are stories about the Jefferson Hotel and the "vanishing man." There are the "mill children" in the hotel, and let's all be honest; there's nothing scarier than ghost kids.

Room 19 in the hotel is supposedly haunted by a woman who was stabbed and left to die in the bathtub. Legend has it, you can see her ghost in the mirror. If you're lucky she'll leave you little messages.

That's all just the hotel.

There's also The Grove, and Excelsior House Hotel.

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