FOR SHAME Lubbock. I thought we could trust you out in public, and here you go stealing from your favorite restaurants. I, for one, would never ever take, let's say, a Whataburger tent with my favorite number on it (9) and have it in my glove box for good luck. Because stealing is wrong.

Recently, our friend Wes Wicker* asked the LBK Foodies what they've stolen from restaurants. After receiving well over a hundred answers, he tagged the Lubbock Police Department. What a stinker.

* I highly recommend you BUY his delicious smoked jalapeno glaze, Big Wick's, at United or online. It'll change your life.

The answers went from relatable to surprising, from harmless to eyebrow-raising. I won't name any names to protect the not-so-innocent, because who among us can cast the first half-full bottle of hot sauce that somehow fell into your purse?

Let's take a look, but first, I'd like to make folks aware that Big Plate Restaurant Supply is open to the public, so, you know, you can actually buy most of these things with your own dang money.

Sticky Fingers: Lubbock Folks Confess What They've STOLEN From Restaurants

Apparently, Lubbock loves to steal from restaurants. The answers to "what have you stolen" went from relatable to surprising, from harmless to eyebrow-raising.

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