Texas schools are struggling to keep their doors open with the spread of various respiratory illnesses. COVID-19, RSV, and the flu are to blame for low attendance among students and teachers, prompting some schools to shut down.

Some areas in the state have been hit much harder than others. Elementary schools struggle especially with illness because children sit close to one another and spend a lot of their time sharing computer keyboards and other supplies.

Seven school districts in north Texas have closed down including Crowell ISD, Benjamin ISD, Archer City ISD, Graham ISD, Chillicothe ISD, and Electra ISD.

A video shared to TikTok yesterday by user @ivangtv seemed to take a lot of Texans by surprise.

 The comment section on the video is full of confusion. It's like nobody got the memo that it's straight-up flu season. Not sure who to blame for that. 

The first comment on the video says, "I live in Texas and haven't heard anything about this.", and was "liked" by over 6000 people. It seems like people don't realize the sickies are going around like crazy. Be sure to remind your friends and family of the importance of frequent hand washing, especially your little ones.

Here's your sign to bust out the Lysol and hand sanitizer in your Texas classrooms if you haven't already, and practice a little social distancing if you're able. It doesn't hurt to try to get ahead of the problem. If you've been coughing lately, you might consider digging one of your masks out from the pandemic and wearing it. 

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