Signs point to "yes", but reality points to "no".

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False Hope

I read with great interest on Everything Lubbock that the "Final road surface work for 19th Street" was to take place today. Finally, a reprieve from what seemed like an endless amount of digging, detours, and general miserableness. As I'm frequently taking 19th, I was overjoyed.

The Devil Is In The Details

Once I read into the post, I was hit in the face with a giant fish made of reality. The truth is, the final surfacing is from University to Memphis. Yes, I was this close to some relief. I am glad for you folks who take that route and for the businesses that are close to that area, but that is a small patch of a rather large project.

Image by Bruno from Pixabay
Image by Bruno from Pixabay

Still Tore Up

I believe when they started working on 19th Street around the Depot District somebody said, "I bet I can dig a hole to China" and someone else said, "That's a bet", and from that point forward the first guy tried digging multiple holes to China. That area is a dizzying area of traffic cones and dirtpiles. I truly feel sorry for the folks who have to navigate that area and even worse for the people doing business there.

It Should Be Worth It

All of this construction/repaving/whatever is one last kiss from TexDot to the City Of Lubbock. TexDot is redoing portions of 19th and then signing over the responsibilities of its care and maintenance to the City, which we know will screw it up in due time. I guess it's best we let TexDot take their time and at least leave the road in good shape.


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