Do we really need to ask this question?

Do you think that Blue Bell would fumble the ball with this one? Of course, they wouldn't. This is the greatest Texas team-up since Z.Z. Top played with Willie Nelson. There's no way these two iconic brands wouldn't create a mashup worthy of high praise.

So let's get to the taste test. It is indeed amazing. Just to get it out of the way, the vanilla is of course smooth, creamy, and fantastic (Blue Bell rules all things vanilla). The Dr. Pepper swirl though...holy cow. The Dr. Pepper taste is 100% on point. It doesn't taste like candy or crystalized, it's just perfect. It also blew my mind that it's actually a sherbert that somehow is smooth and creamy. I would also go on record to say that this ice cream is better than an actual Dr. Pepper float (give both a try and get back to me).

What's amazing here is that Blue Bell went directly to Dr. Pepper. They didn't piddle around with a traditional rootbeer float or a pedestrian coke float, nope they went straight for the jugular with a Texas classic.  This is a taste of Texas in every spoonful.

Can I blow your mind a bit? What if you put a scoop of this in with a glass of Dr. Pepper, and a scoop of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla? Would you have a Blue Bell Dr. Pepper Float and Blue Bell and Dr. Pepper Float? Its important to have goals in life and this is one for me.

The new Blue Bell Dr. Pepper Float Ice Cream hits shelves today. You might want to make a point of grabbing some up asap because I'm betting you there will be a run on the first batch.  Just in case you get disappointed, I did see they were restocking that Blue Bell Oat Meal Cream Pie which is also amazing, so pick some of that up to hold you over (I actually saw some of the Strawberry Lemonade too, which is also an A+).

Bluebell, I need you to do two more things, just for lil' ol' me. How about we do another taste of Texas right around Thanksgiving and you give us a nice Pecan Pie Swirl? Also, make me an official taste tester.

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