Texas cattle are legendary.

Texas rules the roost when it comes to cattle production, far outdistancing any other source out there. In fact, Texas takes up over 13% of all cattle production out there.

So what other animal does Texas rule the roost in? Well, I wasn't giving it away when I said "rule the roost"? The actual answer is sheep!

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

So how much of the sheep market does Texas have covered? The answer is, more than the amount of cattle production we have covered. Texas comes in at 14.2% of the market, well outpacing California at 10.56% percent of the market.

So do you have a problem sleeping? If you started "counting sheep" in Texas you wouldn't stop until you hit 740,000+.

This all strikes me as a bit odd. Sure Texas is an expansive state with so many possible places where sheep can thrive, but you really never hear about are prowess at raising them except...

...the area I like to call "The Texas Sheep Belt". I'm a frequent traveler between West Texas and the Hill Country. I couldn't pin down the exact spot for you but a couple hours north to north/west of Austin you'll start seeing all kinds of sheep munching down on grass on the farms near the road. As you approach some of the smaller towns, you'll also frequently see signs related to sheep production, like sheep judging contests and barbeques.

So there you have it, Texas is tops in cattle and sheep and related products (among many other things!).


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