Last night (7/20/2023) I attended the opening night of the Barbie movie at Premiere Cinemas. So many people came out dressed in various shades of pink- from bubblegum to blush, from carnation to rose. Myself included!

Lilly Raven
Lilly Raven

I cannot overstate how wonderful the Barbie movie is- laugh-out-loud funny during 90% of the film and the other 10% is heart-warming and thought-provoking. It truly is a must-see for 2023.

Of course, many businesses from large corporations to small local places are taking advantage of everyone's current infatuation with all things pink. I've seen many tempting cupcakes, cookies, and even Barbie pink taco shells come across my social media. But what is the single best pink thing Lubbock has to offer?  

Photo by Елизавета Крылова on Unsplash
Photo by Елизавета Крылова on Unsplash

Here's a hint: it's been pink for 42 years and counting. You could call them a trendsetter for sure.

I'm talking about Ralph's Records on 82nd & Indiana- housed in a big, bubblegum pink building. Ralph's has pink all over the inside of the store too, with pink shirts, stickers, and even the coolest coasters you've ever seen in your life.

Why is Ralph's the best pink thing on the planet? There are a few reasons. Perhaps the most important is that they truly have something for everyone. Vintage to new video games and systems, vinyl records (my fav), cassettes, CDs, concert tickets, Blu-Rays, DVDs, trading cards, posters, and collectibles of all kinds. And when the Barbie movie gets released on DVD- Ralph's will have it.

Ralph's is also just a safe place to hang with a great vibe. It doesn't feel rushed or stuck-up ever- you can geek out looking through whatever interests you for as long as you like (during open hours, of course). The staff are well-informed, kind, and chill people- a few of whom I'm proud to say are my darling friends.

Ralph's is a record store that could easily stand against any big city record store in terms of quality, stock, and great energy. It's a truly special and exceptional place here in Lubbock.

Thank you for 42 years of being the best pink thing on the planet Ralphs!

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