Some lessons in life are learned the hard way. One Texas child lost a brand-new shoe after a battle with some slippery ice and a storm drain. An adorably wholesome video was shared of the unfortunate incident, and it's gone super-viral. The TikTok has now been viewed over 24 million times.

I personally watched it about 10, and you probably will too. It's just too stinking cute.

The video was posted by TikTok user @twmobley on February 3rd when Texas was still feeling the cold and sliding around on ice after recent storms ripped through our state.

Texans and ice go together like oil and water. We just do not mix.

Check out the cute video below:

Commenters beneath the video had a pretty good laugh at the kid's expense, as well, but all in good fun.

"Well, it’s pennywise’s shoe now" - Asira

"Those drains wild, imagine a cat or dog lol" -206238

His mother also shared that is it the second pair of shoes he's lost in a month! Poor thing is having a rough time. Life is tough, especially when you are a kid in Texas trying to figure out cold weather. It's been one heck of a time for us all. Luckily, it seems to be warming up.

And, hey, he's not alone. I've lost a few pairs of shoes, too. Once, I got stuck in a huge muddy hole. My mom had to pull me out and I never heard the end of losing that pair, and with how popular this video is, I imagine he will never hear the end of it either. Better luck next time, champ!

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