Do you ever just go to the movie theater alone? What about spending an afternoon at a museum by yourself, or even trying out a new restaurant in a town you've never been to? Lately, I've been thinking about spending a little more time enjoying my own company, and I've been looking around for exciting solo adventures that aren't too far from Lubbock.

Hanging out by yourself doesn't have to be a sad thing. It can actually be pretty cathartic. I challenge you to jump in your car, throw on your favorite crime podcast, and get out of town to spend a day exploring unfamiliar places that aren't too far from home. You just might have the best day ever! Even if you don't you'll still have a story to tell.

Here are a few day trip suggestions for people flying solo:

6 Great Day Trips For Solo Travelers That Aren't Too Far From Lubbock

Treat yourself!

Now, get out there and enjoy the world! You don't have to have a travel buddy to have a great time. I promise. Also, if you have a great suggestion for a solo day trip, please leave a comment below this article on our Facebook page!

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