Everything was delicious, and you want the leftovers to last forever, but how long do they last? As you look in the fridge today, this is the day to be checking for freshness carefully according to a recent report!

Here we are on the fourth day after Thanksgiving, and according to experts most of your Thanksgiving feast will last in the fridge, if promptly refrigerated, for 3 - 4 days.

There are a few things to consider, when making the decision about the safety of your leftovers: How quickly was it refrigerated after the meal? Was it wrapped in an air tight container and how does it look today?

Slimy or sticky texture, or an 'off' or sour smell are signs it's no longer safe and are a couple of the red flags you want to watch for when making that tough decision.

When in doubt toss it out! Food poisoning is serious and not worth the risk!

Of course, your best bet for extending leftovers timeline, is freezing in a timely fashion (today is too late)! But according to a recent CNN report 3-4 days is the limit for refrigerated turkey, ham, potatoes, most sides and even fruit pies.

Also, did you know that while a fruit pie can sit on the counter initially, once it's been cut it needs to be refrigerated?!

You can follow this link for more details on the timeline of your leftovers and this link for food safety advice!

Be safe and stay healthy!

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