Yeah, we know...Lubbock needs another taco shop like we need a hole in the head. Well, GRAB THE DRILL, BRAIN SURGEON! Because you NEED this place. Trust me.

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Damn right, that's some big burrito energy.

Jimboy's Tacos has been a West Coast staple for nearly 70 years, and yes...started out as a taco truck in Lake Tahoe in 1954. Since then, they've grown to a regional chain with tacos that are unlike anything you've ever had before. Until recently, you couldn't get 'em in Texas. But, as my wife and I discovered on our last trip to the Metroplex, they have one outside of Fort Worth.

Google Streetview
Google Streetview

Located just off I-820 in a fairly non-descript strip mall on Clifford Street, sits the climax to a journey for NorCal Taco Lovers who have been blessed to call Texas home.

The big reveal when you first open a Jimboy's taco is the grilled tortilla that is liberally coated with parmesan cheese, then the shredded cheese melting on the, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Amazeballs. You'll eat 10 of these.

When we drove to Big D a few months back, we knew that a rendezvous with In-N-Out Burger was forthcoming (which we also DESPERATELY need in the LBK), but a quick Google search also pointed us towards Taco Nirvana.

We always say "Lubbock NEEDS" this restaurant or that, but I can assure you, this one will be a winner.  Don't believe me?  Next time you head to the Metroplex, make a stop on the way there for lunch. Your elevated cholesterol level will thank me later, and so will your cardiologist.


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