With all of the new construction in the Hub City, there are still some roads that are woefully underdeveloped that are suddenly becoming major throughfares for local residents. Especially during commute times.

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Between Milwaukee and Upland, there is a LOT of new construction going on, bordered by some long-standing farmland. 26th Street is being extended from Milwaukee to Upland to accommodate a lot of this new development, There is one spot in particular that is is rapidly becoming unsafe at any speed, and primed for a major accident, where someone could be hurt seriously, or worse.  And, it's probably the least likely place you'd expect.

Image: Lance Ballance
Image: Lance Ballance

Seems quaint, right?

This is 26th Street. At this point, there is slight jog in the road where drivers have to swerve quickly to stay in their proper lane. It is behind an apartment complex on 26th, leading into the Bushland Springs subdivision. Many residents have discovered this as a shortcut to get to and from Milwaukee Avenue. The problem is, at the intersection where the apartment complex has an outlet, the road narrows to the point where only ONE car can safely pass at any time. Many drivers will run down that street at excessive speed, having to slam on the brakes if another car is coming, or wind up driving in the mud at the intersection. Compound that, with the fact that one resident INSISTS on parking their car on 26th at a point just beyond the intersection, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Image: Lance Ballance
Image: Lance Ballance

Yeah, this is a stupid idea.

One can only surmise that the city cannot convince the person who owns the adjacent farmland to allow the widening of the road, which would solve 99% of the issues. An easement would help exponentially in this case, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

So, with a rapidly expanding area of new homes, and increased traffic, someone's insurance is probably going to go up big time before too long.

I drive this street every day, and always have to slow down or stop if I se a car coming in the opposite direction. You have to treat it like a one-lane bridge, because no one planed for the high volume of traffic. As soon as they open 26th all the way to Upland Avenue, this problem is going to only get worse.

Let's be careful out there.


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