Thanksgiving is finally over and both Dallas and Texas Tech lost. It is time to deck the halls with your favorite Christmas decorations and start playing the nostalgic Christmas music. Or is it? After having to deal with Covid last year, many people have put up decorations even earlier this year than ever. In fact, a story at WFLA out of Tampa Bay states that a man was charged a thousand dollars by his HOA because he put decorations up before Thanksgiving, and he left them up anyway.  Now that is dedication. 

I don’t want to be the Scrooge or Grinch of Christmas, but I think that even after Thanksgiving it is still a little early for all the Christmas spirit. Some people do not ever get tired of Christmas songs and all the décor, but I do. If I hear the same songs over and over again for a whole month, it is going to drive me insane. I understand putting up lights, because they are a pain to put up and take down.  Heck, some of us left them up all year long. This time of year gets so monotonous. Every store I go into plays the same songs by the same people that I heard for a whole month last year. 

There are many things about Christmas time that I love so let's have some compromise. How about if you own a restaurant or store, only play Christmas music every four to five songs and then funnel it down to every other song on Christmas eve. This would keep the Christmas spirit alive without it getting old for us Grinches. This is just my opinion, but I bet many others agree with me. 


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