I was a cord cutter before it was a thing. I was a college student who could not afford cable and I just continued to live my life like that when I “grew up.” At first, I had a Netflix subscription that allowed me to get any movie, or tv show I wanted sent to me as a DVD through the mail. It has been a long time, but I think I was paying $5.99 a month for that service. We would even get the streaming for free when Netflix finally added streaming. That did not last long. 

First, many different companies have decided to start their own streaming services so you cannot get everything on Netflix alone anymore. Also, the companies keep slowly raising their prices to see if they can get more money without you realizing that it is costing you more. 

Netflix just raised their prices this week. The standard plan in the United States will now be $15.49 and the premium plan will be $19.99. Netflix did this right before their fourth quarter earnings statement, so they may have been trying to keep the investors happy. That does not change the fact that if you are using Netflix, you could be paying up to $2.00 more per month. 

The Netflix news made me go back and see what I am paying as a cord cutter. I will admit, I could live with a lot less, but here is what I am paying monthly. 

First, I have a 400mb per second plan for my internet that I pay about 75 dollars a month on. I must have at least that much to cover my HD streaming for me and my kids. Then add the streaming channels. 

Amazon - $10 (I pay it yearly, so it is $120 a year.) 

Netflix - $20 

Discovery + $7 (ad-free) 

Disney + $8 

HBO Max - $15 

Paramount + $10 (ad-free) 

This puts me at $145.00 a month on streaming and internet. I am not sure how much someone with cable spends, but I would assume what I pay for streaming is very close. Now you can also add HULU, Peacock, and many others to push it even higher. It could hurt more if you have a few streaming services AND cable, but that will not be my problem. I still like being a cord cutter, and I will never go back to cable. I must admit though, I am not sure it is saving me any money. 


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